Prostneset terminal

Waiting room, toilets and nursery

Waiting room

You are free to wait for arrivals and departures on the first floor.


Toilets can be found on both the ground and first floor.


The nursery can be found on the first floor.

Terminal map

Ground floor

kart over buss området

First floor

kart over hurtigbåt og hurtigrute området

Luggage storage

Prices for storing luggage

Luggage storage is found on the ground floor of the terminal.

Size Duration Price
Normal lockbox (50x45x80 cm) 24 hours NOK 80,-
Large lockbox 24 hours NOK 100,-
Ski lockbox 24 hours NOK 100,-

For questions regarding the storage please contact customer service at Troms Fylkestrafikk.


Lost luggage

If you have lost your bags or other personal items, or mistakenly ended up with someone else’s bags or items, please call our security service:

Phone: +47 916 60 430

  • Monday ‑ Friday: 09:00 ‑ 15:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 ‑ 15:00
  • Sunday: closed